Wednesday, June 24, 2009

14 year olds are a nuisance

I seriously need to get a new hobby or something to make life more interesting and not redundant as it is now. This could be the damage done from the 3 weeks holiday that i had before returning to work. Sigh.


1) Been so sleepy at work *saya tidur saja sana meja saya, really malas kan*
2) Keep looking at the clock to check when is the time to go home from work.
3) Really don't feel like teaching, rather be studying at this point now.
4) So addicted to the internet especially facebook and its apps, games la bah tu. *astaga, i need to get a life*
5) Starting back on my fitness routine, but the half an hour jog yesterday was killing me already. * hard to start when you have stopped more than a week~sigh*
6) Thinks that swine flu is so over-rated.
7) Have a helmet style for my hair, very buruk.. Don't dare to not tie my hair up.
8) Not liking 14 year olds. They just don't wanna listen, rebellious age and most volatile being ever.
9) Having issues with heart matters.. *apakah heart matters ni? very direct translations..ahaha*
10) Still..not liking 14 year olds. Its better off talking to a tree rather than talking to them, at least the plant will still move its leaves. 14 year olds don't do anything!

14 year olds are a nuisance.

Gosh, I need to get a life!

1 comment:

Fharelynne said...

Hehehe...u r seriously feeling boring aye?

I am at the top of my laziness as well for now..cant wait for the clock to strike 5!

I guess once in a while we deserve to be lazy..LOL!