Thursday, June 25, 2009

A nightmare too

The man, a foreigner in his 40s who lectures in Cyberjaya, was arrested at about 5pm after a victim lodged a report with the MACC.

It is learnt the woman, 24, sat for a qualifying exam to enable her to continue her Masters’ degree.

After sitting for her papers, she was allegedly approached by her lecturer who told her she did not do well in her exam.

He then allegedly told her that he could help her provided she agreed to give in to his demands.

He was said to have initially asked her for sexual favours but when she refused, he demanded money as well if she wanted to pass the exam.

The lecturer was also said to have uttered words that caused the woman to be fearful.

This story on today just freshen up the nightmare that I had when I did my degree a few years back. Well, not as bad as this one. It depends how you define being asked for sexual favors and almost being molested by your lecturer. *ugh, now ugly memories came back..damn!*

I understand the helpless-ness that the girl felt when everything is in the hands of the lecturer. Everything is at stake.

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