Thursday, June 25, 2009

technology race

Now that the swine flu is like all over the place, *literally*. The media now is riveting their attention to help school to show off their latest technology in allowing teaching and learning process is not distrupted at all by all this quarantine thingy.

Students using Skype to communicate with their teachers, school such and such is the first school to adopt a one to one learning with each students having a laptop in the class, school such and such has the e-learning platform that will allow students to study from home. bla bla bla...

How la if the quarantine is imposed on schools that is not "rich" enough to prepare all this. Then boo-hoo, they'll be a week stupid-er than the rest of the nation.

By the way, this photo *from* is over-rated I think. With the bars and the padlock.
Kudos to the photog to create the mood but ... sigh. We know that the student is being asked to pose like that just to accompany the news with the title "Not much fun staying at home".

Anyway, one week quarantine doesn't kill you. I survived. hehe. So, embrace the holiday mood and take lots of rest. Work and studies aside. Just enjoy the "free" hols la.

Talking about the usage of technology, I can't play Restaurant City now!
Argh.... *Bah, tangkaplah saya - for I am a bad teacher, yang pemalas...Hahaha*

I have no class bah today.


Fharelynne said...

Joan..ya i read that on the star..sigh. They just know how to 'top it off' with a 'delicious whipped cream'... class..then free to be malas..yay! hehee

Gallivanter said...

That photo is dramatic alright. Tabloids.


chegu carol said...

Until today, my school masi buli buka FB lagi la..dunno la bisuk2...