Monday, June 15, 2009

stay at home

I got an MC today actually, so I texted my superior to notify him that I am on MC. Then it turned to a big hoo-haa after I told him that I have visited Melbourne recently. Immediately, this matter came to the principal's knowledge which lead to the following encounter.

The school wants a clarification that I am free from H1N1 then only I will be allowed to go back to school.


Off I go to the Tuaran Hospital. I asked the receptionist to see the doctor but then I was only referred to a Medical Assistant. Okay, fine with me. But it still gonna be a doctor's call for my case.

In M.A room

M.A: sakit apa?
Me: flu + cough
M.A then do routine check ups then only I told the M.A I have been to Australia recently and I need a clarification that this flu that I am having now isn't swine flu. He then referred me to a doctor. *See, just as I thought ~ now double the waiting time*

Two things that really amused me in the M.A room *sorry for not translating, I am lazy now*

Ko ada cakap-cakap sama urang putih ka sana? Kalau tidak, ko tiada la bah juga H1N1 tu..

Masa sampai KLIA ko teda kana tinguk guna itu CCTV yang boleh kesan suhu badan ka?..


In doctor's room

Doc: Ko sakit apa?
Me: Flu + Cough
Doc: Itu saja? *with annoyed look on the face*
Me: Last week I was in Melbourne.
After that then only the doctor wanted to listen to me properly. Told him that I had taken meds because I saw a GP yesterday but then my workplace needs a confirmation that I am free from H1N1.

So, doc said it is not easy to determine whether I am free or not from this Influenza A given that I have visited Melbourne a.k.a capital of swine flu and I have develop this flu prior from coming back from that place.

I am just missing the very important sypmtom that is high fever above 38 degrees. I have mild fever yesterday but it has gotten better from the meds by the GP that I went to see.

But, I guess the hospital doesn't wanna take chances. After, referring to a senior doctor and the regional director for H1N1 case, the doctor who is attending me put on his mask. The nurse inside the room too. Mask plus the plastic apron.

Upon seeing that, I thought I sure kena inject by needles or what la. Manatau, the doc cepat-cepat ask the nurse to give me face mask. I was still coughing on and off that time. *Haha, tau pun takut*

So, I am now in a week long house quarantine. I hope this suspected case won't be on the news. Bikin malu saja.

Argh, so benci. I know I don't have THE flu but my workplace wants a confirmation. Jadi, ini lah jadinya. Well, for the safety procedures, *being an optimist now..teehee* I will gladly follow it. Haha.

One week off more. Yay!


TaQuiLa said...

ada one week quarantine lagiiii!!!1

Lett said...

Jangan kau jadi kes ke-13 sana Joan. Tamparuli tuh kampung sia tuh.... jaga kau kalau menular....

chegu carol said...

with its severity now...better be safe than regret la kan. hehe
tapi siok oh ko jalan2 pi sana...

Dazeree Joan said...

sa pun mo swine flu kalo gini ni...jelesssssssss sa oo joan.