Sunday, June 15, 2008

wish me luck ya

competing for miss taekwondo today.

so many unlucky experience prior to this event. to blog about this later

hopefully, lady luck will be on my side tonight. if possible, i want to reach for the skies...ahakz!

anyone, who is free please come to asia city tonight starting at 7pm ya.

till then, I am busy still now.


fie the elf said...

good luck!!

bulihbahkalaukamurang said...

good luck to u =). anyway u mentioned u know veronita?

mArMaLaDe said...

what's the result?hehe..

bulihbahkalaukamurang: God bless Veronita..

EviE said...

not worth mentioning

firstly because i didnt get anything
second, the event was followed up by a tragic death of a friend