Monday, June 30, 2008

Jangan pigi Asia City Shopping Complex

It took me quite some time to post this.

Been busy..very busy, especially with my most honourable guest.

Well, this is summarized version on what I intended to post a few week back

If you happen to plan to shop in kk, the last place that you must go in your list *i must advice you* is to be Asia City Shopping complex.

Apart from having a-so-called ice skating rink. Well, it is actually not ice pun, wax saja, there's nothing worth visiting that place.

Or if you prefer to be one of the snatch thieves victim like the case below, just be my guest.

This incident happen at first floor near the game arcade. The girl in the picture below was talking on the phone while her other sisters was not far from her.*because the arcade was noisy ba*blue black ear and swollen right jaw

Then a few minutes later, 3 men were seen running from the place where this girl was talking and not long after that her sisters saw this girl staggering to her feet, dazed and injured.lips that almost burst, if the force could be harder or she resist the force, she might end up with flesh coming out from the lips and broken teeth

The 3 men, had punched her repeatedly with fist double her fist size. 3 men you know! She herself doesnt even know how many blows to her face was thrown by those evil men. All she knew was to cover her face while still holding the phone and her bag under her arm.

Punched until she fell to the floor, plastered at a corner where she can't get up.

and when the security guards were alarmed about this,by her sisters; their reaction was

"haaaah *slow-mo*, kenapa itu?????"

"ada orang ambil hp, sudah lari turun tangga ka?, oooh, nda payah la kejar tu sudah lari juga"


The girl pictured above is my sister

I was there at Asia City for the rehearsal of an event, so my other sisters was with her near the arcade.

I only learned about the incident after 10 to 15 minutes it had happened because the security guard doesnt know what to do, sempat lagi mau bawa my sisters turun naik the building cos he not sure where to bring them

My sister punya face bengkak2 and lips almost burst keluar flesh the guards only asked her to sit down and calm down, * when my other younger sis asked for ice, they said nanti dulu..apa la*

The CCTV in the building is not enough and the security guard bergaya saja takut with all those culprits, and I learned that first floor, the level that my sister kena pukul got only ONE cctv , ONE you know..located at the lobby. what a shitty place is this?

So in the end, memang cannot tangkap la the 3 culprits.

BUt, we were still grateful that even though she was hit badly and her handphone kena ambil, the 3 men didn't attacked her with a knife or else, worse can happen la.

Bottom line is, don't go to Asia City, especially on the weekend. This is where all those "makhluk asing-evil ones" berkampung. According to the police *where we lodged our report*, the complex is most common for cases like this. My sister was not the first one.

If it was not for the event, me and my sisters will definitely not be there at all.

Don't go Asia City Shopping Complex...


karulann said...

Okay, now that sound scary... Thank goodness your sister is safe. Now that's a pretty useless security guard, useless police also useless asia city management.

Anonymous said...

that is why this country needs 2 big scale integrated operations involving the police, task force, rela, immigraton, etc..

1. a major operation to arrest and deport illegal immigrants in sabah (already announced by the government last week)

2. a big scale operation to arrest and prosecute criminals in sabah...!!!

for our information, in brazil, the crime rate is so high that police there applies the SOS tactic - Shoot On Sight.. that means they will shoot at every criminals like snatch thieves, drug dealers etc... cases like street kids being shot while running away after stealing and robbing beach goers and tourists at rio de janeiro famed copacabana beach is an everyday routine happenings in brazil...!!!

Anonymous said...

dats why i rarely went down to kk anymore b'coz of PTI.. not safe.. I prefer shopping at Donggongon or Tuaran lagi bagus, Tamparuli... lagi selamat.. Hahaha... even the place i worked,i seldom go down and shop~ Hehehe...

fie the elf said...

oh my god how horrible!! stupid fucking security guards. you should complain to the management of the complex!

the fuckers, were they PTIs?

Joan said...

dunno la PTI ka apa.tapi my sis said hitam2 gelap like one of them la.

adam k. said...

that is horrible.kesian betul. we should only hire smart and fit men as security guards. not just anybody who passed spm.

sometimes i wonder why hitler was hitler.