Friday, November 10, 2006



Finally I am at home. (not to mention the story about how I greeted sabah with my knees)

Finally I could compose a new blog (this dial up connection REALLY SUCKS) I dunno how many was I could spell sucks but waiting really is agonizing. It took me more than 5 minutes to wait for this page to load. *sigh*

and do not ask me how and why I did not apply for streamyx..ask my dad for that one.

Straight to the story how I greet Sabah on my knees. I landed on the soil of sabah half an hour after midnite. So you can imagine how someone will look like around midnite..Sleepy + Cranky + Tired. Long wait at LCCT. Long flight to KK as well.

Now.. I was walking gracefully while balancing the two bags on my shoulder..halfway down the stairs going down from the flight. I tripped on my own jeans. *yeah, thanx to my gorgeous high heels and flare jeans*.

Of course when I tripped, I fell down. But , I didn't tumble down like HUmpty Dumpty la. Lucky, I got my hands on the railing and it saved me form greeting Sabah's soil with my head. *I can't imagine what a scene I will cause if I ever did that*

People were trying to help but before they did, I was up on my two feet again and walked confidently as nothing had happened. * pretend to be cool la konon, tapi my left knee was bruised and I am trying hard not to limp*. I was also hoping no one perasan about what had happened. Because it happened late at night ma..

Mana tau...

got someone from the back tegur me

and say : Mengantuk ka ko mandak? (Sleepy is it, young lady?)

I just nod and walked to the terminal building. There can see some eyes were on me. with the look *yea, that's the girl who tripped just now*

Punya la...Yea, I know I had done a very memorable landing. Better and more skillful than the pilot did

Finally, I did it..haha

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eve said...

ehem..buli tahan ah grand landing. I'd probably do the same thing - keep cool. Bah, welcome back sweetie.