Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I wanna come home

Still here "ampai-ampai" in Penang. I just dont feel I belong anywhere even if I am back at home. I guess that is the effect of growing up far away from home. I spent my early teenage years back at home. *ah..those were the days.. but after that at 15 years old I left hometown and are all over different place.

It was the wanna-be years. Most of the time me and my girls will be in singing competitions or dance competitions or gigs. Practising, dancing and singing. Not to mention the "bitching" rivalries between other all girls group. But, too bad. All of the years were not properly documented. Not much pixs or vids taken. *Not in my possesion la-I guess my other girl friends do have it...if not everything should remain in memories only

Somehow, if I could see myself at that time. Oh no...malunya. *blush* A teenage girl desperately trying to be a superstar. Well, for a small town like Tamparuli, things like that will be quite a scene back then. I remember one junior from my same hometown who attend the same boarding school with me in Kuching told me that my Spice Girls years made me and my girls to be the talk of the town's youngsters. * that a compliment or what? Hmmm..dunno

Anyway, here is the tribute for the pop-music-icon. SPICE GIRLS who shaped the life of many teenage girls in the mid and late 90s...Hail the spices of our lives...hehe

I guess almost evry girl who was a teenager in the mid-late 90s worship this group and tried their best to be them. Platform shoe, funky colored outfits, hairstyles to be exactly like them. YEs, it is indeed a scary-ginger-sporty-baby-posh looking combo- SO IN then, but now its really funny and embarassing. Haha

Anyway, for my girls who used to live the days with the GIRL POWER statement on their foreheads..hehe. Thanx for the friendship and memories though evryone now has different path of life already

*girl power*

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