Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hungry after festive season...

Nah it has nothing to do with the raya season. It is just that I am hungry now. In this cyber cafe and I am the only customer. Kinda eerie also la. The cyber cafe's cashier is my friend though. If it is not for him, I wouldn't sit here and type this blog. The other guy who is helping in this cc looks so strange. EEEEeee...very scary. just gotta pretend not to see him.


All I can think now is food. Gone are the days that I can keep fit. Uhuhuhuk. Cough..Cough. Tua already.

Suddenly I remember this incident pula. I was at McDonald with my sister ordering something. Then, came this Malay couple. The wife went to order la and the husband went to sit down. Before the husband sempat duduk the wife asked

Wife: Abang nak makan apa?

Husband : Ubi..Ubi..


Upon hearing that, my sis saw the wife ordered Fries. In my head...wat the heck? UBI??

UBI = Fries in potato fries ...*oooo ubi kentang!

Haha..haha..stupid like wat onli. I dunno la sometimes maybe people have different terms for something. But talk about who is being more kampung now. I know that some people say East Malaysians are kampung. Figure that situation, those people gotta do some reality check on their environment themselves. At least, widen up their horizon a bit.

Well, my intentions here not to stir any racial discrimination or standard judgement, but stereotyping is just isn't fair sometimes.

I am just wondering how would those people order...

Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Double CheeseBurger

Roti Lembu??


admin said...

with your current pic (hehe), if i'm the jaga of the CC, i also keep on looking on you... hehe.. and maybe in my! sexy!

*lol*... nice joke. i remember i joke too, when a new Sabahan in KL n still struggle-ling to speak Malaya.

Saleslady: bleh saye bantu?
Sabahan (myb me? hehe): ye, berape harge ni SOROMIN MATO?

well, if you are KADUS, then this joke is funny. otherwise, biase-biase je..

NB: ouw.. using the new blogger beta ah.

Caneeliea said...

About the reality check statement you post, I agree with you 100% gurl!