Tuesday, October 03, 2006

spell SLOB!

If anyone could see the condition of my room now, they wouldn’t think that it is supposed to be a girl’s room. Apart from the pink bed sheet, red and pink pillows and flowery “lip-lap” chasing lights…the rest of the room spells the word S.L.O.B – Sexy, Lusty, Obedient Babe! Hahaha…No la - it spelled SLOB as in being a slob.

I am just very lazy to maintain it the way it should be. Every time I tried to keep it in order, not long after that it will be as messy as it can be. I have tried okay, its not that I didn’t put any effort to change the situation.

But got the latest edition to my room’s accessories. Tada!

Its two lanterns, bought it from Sungai Dua shop last Sat. It is a paper lantern, yellow and red. Hehe. I am describing them like a little kid who just got a new pair of shoes to wear to school pula. But it add to the reddish, warm ambience to my room. Helping to emphasize the effect of my red flowery “lip-lap” chasing lights also.

If you are curious what is “lip-lap” chasing lights. It is just the decorative lights that you use to decorate the Christmas tree la. I named it “lip-lap” cause the lights goes lip-lap-lip-lip…Aiyo.I also dunno how to explain properly la. Just observe the movements of the lights. You will understand better.

I think I am the only person to have a chasing lights in their room. Somemore, this is not my own room. Hostel – and I am sharing it with my roommate. My room certainly got the festive feeling anytime of the year. Haha.

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