Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Be careful of what you wish for...

It seems that everyone is updating their blog this holiday season. Well, that means only one thing la I suppose – that they are FREE. Somehow for me it’s the other way around. Being totally free…*well, now can be considered almost totally free la* I just don’t have time to update my blog. Been caught up with what, do not ask me, I also don’t know. I think it is just plain laziness that have been engulfing me ever since.

One thing that I should be thankful of these days is that have plenty food to eat, lots of free time and NO money to spend. I am broke. Did I mention ONE thing just now? Geez…now I end up mentioning more than that.

Last time, I had been reading people’s blog – and these questions dawn on me…Why do they have such happening lives? Why their experience is something worth sharing on the net and people just can get so interested to read about it? There are normal people like me. Homo sapiens. Yet, their life is much more interesting than mine. (Exception for those celebrities blog la I suppose because being a celebrity only; they already can get people so interested with them already- and now they are writing about themselves –of course people are curious right?)

Well, get back to the main point here. Be careful what you wish for. That's it. I have been wondering why my life is kinda redundant these past few weeks. Well, something really "eventful" and interesting happened lately. Although it is not what I expect yet I did wish my life would be exciting. So this is what happen...

Everyone knows (to whom may it concern's not like EVERYONE knows) that the end of our internship was on last week's friday. *So you do the math and count the date la*. Invigilation for final exams finished officially on tuesday. So the last 3 days of our or rather my internship was "free". Free as in NO more teaching because after exams is the period for students to be happy, jumping for joy because they have finished their one year studies. Now, its all about savouring the moments...STRESS free!

Not for me though! wawawa...CRY cry cry. The last 3 days suppose to be the happiest moment throughout my internship because everything comes to the end already. It is the other way around for me.

The last 3 days in chronological order

1st day : WED

I accidentally … ACCIDENTALLY did this to a government property. The MALAYSIAN government’s property okay! No kidding about that. How did this thing happen? Well, it is a sensitive case. One wrong word being uttered… Then I will need a lawyer already maybe. So, the details about the incident shall be referred to me personally.

To make things easier, let just say that one very good teacher tried to help her students had accidentally damaged the laptop while teaching the class. That’s it.

2nd day: THURS
Of course when you broke something that is not yours, you should report it right? So, being a good employee, a good citizen. I did. Then after that, my worst nightmare almost came true. My big boss obviously not happy with what had happen la.

So, a damage done must be compensated by something and the situation is not that easy because the existence of various party. But end of story is that my big boss wants me to bear full responsibilty of the damage (including paying for the damage) even though it is a GOVERNMENT of malaysia's property and it was an ACCIDENT. To top things off, everything should be black and white...and all of my particulars and copies of my personal ids being taken down. *wow, almost like a police case man*

I am just curious that - since when does the government is not responsible in the repair of their property? Somemore this one was an accident. *puzzled* Anybody can enlighten me on this matter?

Then the rest of the day, I was not in the best of my mood. Took pictures with students also I have to paksa myself to smile.

Somehow, one gift did cheer me up. A female pig. Not the real one la of course. But it is very cute. Thanx Wei Ling! Now my other patung named Boo-Boo got a girlfriend already. Haha. Both of them are pink. See...

3rd day: FRI
*Sigh! Last day of school. But the case haven't been settle yet and I think my big boss wasn't that happy with the solution that I suggested to her. Well, one thing for sure this matter is not mainly individuals issue. It is something bigger than that. So, I guess in the big boss on behalf of the government have to deal this matter with my Uni themselves.

Somehow, the figure for that damage done is around RM1K plus...*I guess anyone can estimate the cost from the pic right? * Sigh again. Mati la...If gotta pay, then I think I have to volunteer jadi gardener for that school la. If not jadi aunty cleaner pay back my debt. But for now, the status of the case is PENDING. Not much can do about it now. Just gotta wait and see.

Well, last day also full of surprises. The last school bus ride home also very exciting. The journey home which only took about half an hour normally turned into a 2 hours torturing-stressful-and-agonising journey ever. JAM! blame it on the JAM and the RAIN.

I just don't want to relive the moments by writting about it again. But for sure, it was very stressful. When I reached my room, I was soaked, tired, sakit hati, grumpy and VERY explosive. Imagine with two bags of books and files, a bouquet of chocs and teddy, a handbag on one shoulder and an umbrella. My hands were literally FULL. Not to mention that the very high.. high heels that I wear. Boleh mati I tell you!

Lucky I still got my appetite to have my already-cold-dinner. After that, I see see the bouquet of chocs and teddy from my students. Hmmm. What a shock in my life that I found among those cute stuffs. Details of it shall not be revealed. Again sensitive info.

ll I can say is that I was so touched that the next thing I know was tears welling up in my eyes and it trickled down my cheeks. A BIG thank you for all of you girls! You all know I won't accept it right. But for now, let the story ends like this.

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