Thursday, October 05, 2006


As I am typing this post, I have to glance over my shoulder...Scared the management people saw me curi tulang. If other teacher saw me I don't care d. The BITCH club are nowhere to be seen today. But somehow, gotta put my window for this page to the minimum...Nanti kena nampak. Tapi if got teachers busy2 go n click the history button, I wonder if they can track down this. Haha...That's the thrill and I like it.

The final period of school time now. Another 10-15 minutes before the bell will ring. So, now seizing the chance to surf for free with the streamyx at school. Very convenient! Not like this morning I went to a cyber cafe in Sungai 2. I surfed for only 10-15 mins like that. I was charged RM1...WHoa! I tell you that's inflation. I don't understand why this kind of service is still hard to access and not cheap. Even though the nation is striving to be a well developed country some time in the near future. Now, they are not even providing the best platform for the people of this country to be exposed to the boom of information technology.

In campus also, I am desperately trying to get wireless connection which had been absent for the past few weeks or should I say months. . .

Wanna write more but time is running out. Bell about to ring in a few minutes...After this HOME!!
Well, actually not really home la...hostel only...but still tomorrow is friday and that marks the start of the weekend...YAY! really looking forward to that. More to be posted soon (if I got this opportunity again la) Hehehe..

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