Saturday, September 30, 2006

Trapped in between

Hoho...long din type anything here. Been caught up with work and now only I realize there are only 3 weeks to finish my practical. I remember when I started out a few months back, I thought it will be a total agony waiting for the final week to come...and now it is just around the corner. With exams coming up, nothing much to do nowadays. Just go to school, go inside classes help the students do revisions, relief classes for malay teachers who have to go back early for buka puasa. Not too mention have to take care 2 classes at the same time. Figure that. I practically have to be two teachers in two different classes at at the same time. Wonder woman also can't do that I think.

Basically nothing major to do la. Since my last observations for my teaching by my supervisor, I am just so relieved that all the heavy tasks are over. but now it is kinda boring without the challenge to face everyday. I think something wrong with me la. Most people I think is dreading all the work but I guess now I need it. It feels like the missing element of working life without the burden to work. Somehow I was promoted to get the best grade any trainee can get. That one is totally a good news and I gotta keep my fingers crossed so that the promotion will be a confirmed one.

Taking about cross- crossing someone in particular. Well, anyone at a work place couldn't avoid to be involved or at least "kena" a bit of the politics in the work place. It was the day before yesterday a few students from my biology class came to me and ask for my help to use a computer because they need to copy and paste a file from a diskette to another different diskette. I thought the tasks was very minor so I decided to help. But, maybe I crossed the line for letting the students in with me to the office. Then of course, I admit it is my fault for that one. And some of the teachers saw the students and they(the students) kena marah la. After that, my turn la of course, but the teacher din do it profesionally. Instead of saying it all up to my face, some people tend to bitch among their friends about certain things. High school is so over ladies!...You are a teacher now not a student anymore. Some more say all those things in chinese. It is a good thing I guess I don't really understand what they were saying but one of my colleague over heard them and translate it for me.

Whoa..I tell you human are just human. wether you are a grown up or not. Bitching is indeed a hard habit to kill especially when you are in a room full of estrogen power. They accuse me for ALWAYS bringing the students in the office. *Ouch! I admit what I did was wrong but accusing me on something like that is totally a NO NO. They could be blind or trainees is just not their fave person in the work place. My intention which was to help my students had turned out to be something else. My fault in the first place but I see other teachers also help their students but they were just lucky that this group of people din spot them. Now, I get a filthy suspicious looking glare from this group of people. The glares I don't care much but I know the accusation will stay there until I get to stand up for myself. But, I dont care much about that although I don't have much to do nowadays. This won't be my problem for long, 3 weeks to go and I am done with all these. Whew. Been there-done that. No damage done tho sakit hati a bit la.

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