Monday, September 04, 2006

Carotid artery medula oblongata

So much for being a biology teacher, i only managed to get the taste of the medicine world by explaining the terms and basic mechanism of the physiology process in the human body to my students. Being a doctor was my biggest dream of all time (before). But then I guess I was side-tracked or was it not meant to be - I ended up being a future teacher. Which I am not saying that it is not good, somehow after a few months in this line, I began to wonder wether this is what I really wanted to do or not? The decision that is so hard to make yet the time is catching up on you as well.

Speaking about medicine. I know the reality of the profession may not be as fun or intriguing as the one potrayed in the TV through series like ER, General Hospital or Grey's Anatomy yet I am still wishing that I can be in a doctor's shoes for one day. Just to feel how and what is the working atmosphere that they went through. Ok. enough with the dream that cannot come true.
I grew up watching ER and totally got inspired by the series. Now there is another series called Grey's Anatomy. I was really hooked up with this series until I finished watching the season 1 and 2 in such a short period of time. It's the right dosage of drama and medical cases that made it nice to watch...and not to mention the songs used in this series are totally nice and well-suited for every episode. I think I must get my hands on those tunes one of these days. Somehow my limited internet connection made it hard for me to download anything from the net.

Seriously! seriously! It's the most over used word in that series. But I still find it cute. Especially when the girls (Meredith and Izzy) were having problems and things will just being blown to the ever-weak-looking guy in their team (George). If you find this rather confusing, you must go and watch the series first. The Nazi's cold attitude towards her interns eventually made her my fave character there. All in all, it's a superb show and witty scripts.

By the way, the official site for this series also provide a guide on understanding the medical procedure done on the series. So it is not merely an entertainment but also educational and very helpful. For example, they provide info for you on how to be an organ donor and more info on health. Wanna know more? click here

Oops..Look at the time gotta get back to my work searching for carotid artery and medula oblongata. Well, not for medicinal or surgical purpose but to educate the young minds that maybe one day will be doctors also.

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