Sunday, September 03, 2006

"They look new"

It is Sunday! Last day of the weekend. Well, technically it is monday already since the clock shows it is five past midnight. But if I haven't wake up and see the first sun ray of monday therefore it is still sunday for me. Boo-hoo. it's the last day of the weekend and tomorrow monday blues again.

Ok.just forget about Monday for a while. Let's talk about Sunday. Sunday sunny day. Here I go again trying to rhyme up the word...Now, where should I start. Morning, I went to church. The typical thing to do every weekend la. But it was not that typical for me anymore for the past few weeks. It had been quite some time that I didn't go to OLS church. Went to other church in a different place.(Its not that I don't go to church anymore okay) Reached there and I can see a lot of new faces emerged out from nowhere. "They look new," I said. I asked my sis who are those people. She say normal people who go to that church la. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I am really "ketinggalan" about the latest happening in that church. I have been missing in action there for quite some time and nobody ever miss me?? Huhu.. Well, time flies, people change and life still have to go on.

And the breakfast moments at the cafe we always go after church invites all the nostalgic memories back. Yet then again, all the new faces surrounding me. Only a few of old faces were there. But people are not the same anymore. Me, myself also I think had changed if compared to the first time I set foot on that place.

Now, after breakfast comes the shopping spree. But it is still too early because all the shops were still closed. Therefore I had to drag myself and join them watching a movie. Little Man. It was funny but not as funny as the White Chicks where the same Wayan brothers acted in. After movie went window shopping. Last day of shopping carnival but there no good bargains. * Actually the truth is, I have no money to shop that's why I said no good bargains. Haha. Prangin Mall was not the ideal place for me to shop with a hole in my pocket. Maybe should just go pasar malam or tamu to buy things
I don't know also why I decided to dye my hair black today. Using black henna...and I suppose one will know the consequences of touching henna. Your hands will be dyed as well. I used a plastic to cover my hand but I didn't realize the plastic was torn until after I finished applying the henna on my hair. At that time, it was too late to save anything already. Now, I have black hair and black fingers and black fingernails as well. Aiya.

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dick* said...

sundays are always nice- until u start thinking about mondays =(

i hate mondays. garfield rawks to think that way too.