Monday, September 11, 2006

The road less travelled

Well, well that is my mom in the pix. And that was way back in 1986. I was just 1 year old that time. The pix below is my dad and me and my lil sis. I think that was taken at the airport. But can't remember for what and why we were we there. Life as a kid last time. Everything was way way much simpler then compared to now...

Oh...oh...I remember for what already. Well, this was according to my mom la. My dad just came back after a year in KL and being a kid that time, I was scared of my dad as though he was a stranger as I didn't see him for quite some time. Some people say the absence made the heart grows fonder but maybe for a kid it is really a different thing. Well, you grow up anyway...
And these are the faces of my siblings in mid 90's. I guess no need to point out which one is me there. Smiles and happiness are almost in there all the time. No worries of responsibilities and decision to made. Life was all about fun under the sun. :))

Then ten years later... As i said... we grow up and grow old as well la. A lot of things change. Now, no more lots of fun under the sun. Life is about being mature and bearing responsibilities. The decision is all up to yourself... * sigh. How I miss those years when things are much simpler.

I was watching the movie Click with my other half on Sunday. How nice if you can own a device which can rewind and fast forward the happenings in your life. But it is kinda scary to know your future too soon ... too soon from the time that you should find out. You will realise then how many things that you missed through the years.

Well, I don't actually know what is my real point here. But I know that I am scared of my own future. Nothing to expect and I am not sure that I have the wisdom to make the right decision for life. I am just hoping that HE will guide my way and show me the right path to take.

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