Monday, September 11, 2006

You got mail!

Dear (real-self) Joan,

Sorry to bother you at this time around, but there are some important messages (or rather impulses) sent to me that I need to convey to you. Well, the first thing is the worry department of your inner self was or rather is working extremely hard this few days. But, I guess they are not the telling the truth how long they had been working so hard. It seems that you are worrying about lots of things these days and they asked you not to give them so much work to do at a time. Even on Sundays they can’t relax also. Pity them. Don’t torture that department so much la ok.

About worrying for the future - there’s not much you can do over uncertainty. As the song goes “Que Sera Sera, whatever will be…will be.” Disappointment, heartaches, success, happiness…they will come and go. It is the phase of life. I know you need mental support (but I can see not much of that coming from other people, so we inside here have to do some overtime doin that) right now but please set realistic goals so that you won’t be burden by all your own expectations. I am also not so sure about the decision making department. They are all blur up there. Indecisive over everything and they also report to me that you would want to consider vocation if there’s something big happening in the future. What was that about? Can you clarify about that?

I know final year is kinda a harsh stage for you. But you gotta be strong for more challenges. Oh ya, your tears glands department and the emotional office has been working almost 7 days a week last week. It was not so good, as the water bill is quite high nowadays and you don’t take in as much water as you are required. Don’t neglect your physiological process sector you know. The departments there are fussier than those in the brain sector. The stomach was the one who always made the loudest noise one. Rumblings can be heard almost everyday and they report to me, you only sent them solid exports once a day. Whoa girl, what you are doing to yourself? Take good care of them because once they go on strike you will end up in the hospital.

Well, that’s about it for now. More reports will be delivered soon if you do not do any changes. I’ll keep you updated.

Department on duty;
Conscience department

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