Saturday, September 09, 2006

Irritatingly true

My wireless connection ain't working anymore (second announcement for that). This sucks! Can't really get anything done without internet and adding salt to the wound... this cyber cafe's connection is stupidly slow. The computer is also not that efficient. The keyboard you can't just touch lightly on it instead you have to pound on the keys like the thousand-years-old typewriter. Dammit...The windows also can't open and close by a click. You must try to click the X button for don't know how many times...and I am paying RM1.50 per hour for all this. Can you believe it??

Ok. I am done complaining about that. Geram ba tu la bising-bising ni. Anyway, it is Saturday after all and let us not ruin the day by complaining a lot. Yesterday, at my working place there was a snatch theft case. And guess what...the victim is one of the teachers in my school. Pity her. Somemore she is pregnant. Lucky she didn't fall down, only a little struggle with thief. But eventually she lose in the struggle.The thief or thieves were on a motor bike. I was not so sure about the whole story because I only heard about the incident. Not the one witnessng it.

This case also happen in the school compound in broad daylight. Scary isn't it? There is no place that is safe nowadays. Even in a private area like a school compound anything can happen. That one is a snatch theft case. Without strict supervision to a school compound you will never know what threat or danger that maybe threathening the safety of the girls and staff inside the school.

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