Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ignorance is bliss...?

*sigh..this was supposed to be posted the day before yesterday but my wireless connection ain't working anymore...

Imagine you walked into a room, full of people. You are to give them a talk that they really need to know. But as you open your mouth and started talking, none of them were listening. You are just being nice and polite told them to pay attention yet no one…no one ever listen to you. You were talking at the top of your lungs but you can’t overcome the noise in the room. You are being ignored – and why you did all this because you care about them.
So, you have to enter not only one room full of people like that but a few. You also have to do it everyday - because you care and you were not paid a single cent for that noble job. In the end, you get nothing…just the hope that some people could ever lend their ears or at least look at you even though they were not listening. Instead you were ignored. Ignored…


Every time the bell rings, I have to be prepared not to be knocked down by the stampeding kids. All are excited to go home after the long hours of schooling. They will barge and at that moment they only can see the school gate. Any other object or person in their path, especially the ones which are heading towards the opposition direction of the flow…they will destroy. I know I am exaggerating but if you are in my shoes, this would be a pretty scary experience.
But today, I don’t care. All those are nothing compared to what I have achieved. I manage to silence up the class (which I don’t know how many decibels they were producing using their mouth). At last, they listen…but minutes after that they started again * sigh. Yet for once, I manage to put them in silence with just a single-long-winded-scolding…Haha. I know I am like a mother nagging to kids but that is what teachers as the last resort. Not all teachers will choose scolding as the last option la, but for me it will be. I don’t like to make un-educational noise in the class. But if I have, to I will.
Since nobody is going to give a pat on my back for that, I will do it myself. *Kudos to me. Yay! Haha… I have gone mental a bit because of the noise and hectic work tolerating with 40+ students for each class, each day, five days a week. Not only that… being ignored is another thing. Got fed up with the ignorance thingy these days it seems to be contagious and affecting other aspects of my life as well. Huh…Lucky for them I can let go of everything that had been bottling up to my ever-willingly-being-punched-and-kicked-blue-exercise ball. (Though for short term result only). Pity the ball.

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Bxnjamin said...

Heya,just passing through. I get what you were saying about when people are not listening part. Big test on one's patience LOL.