Saturday, December 16, 2006

Montoku or Lihing?

Imagine an air stewardess on a flight asking you with their best air-stewardess-so-called-full-of-hospitality voice asking you "Montoku or Lihing, sir?" instead of the normal "coffee or tea?" on board of a flight.

Wouldn't be some kind of joke!

Yes...indeed it is. I am just wondering if it ever happen like that. How would one react to that? hehe

I saja terfikir this kind of thing because the other day when I was about to board my flight in LCCT goin to Penang, I kena tahan by the police at the boarding hall. After they scan my bag of la course! *cis!*

*because inside my bag got 4 bottles of montoku and lihing...hehe (2 each la) *

Adui..malunya have to take out and show it to them. and in my head also I was really thinking what to answer them.

Policewoman: Miss, boleh tengok apa isi botol dalam beg tu tak?

Me: O Oh...boleh..* stupid it's just liquid la..dat wan oso wanna see*

Policeman: (upon seeing the clear liquid in the bottle - Montoku la that) Eh, ini air apa ni ? Jernih je.

Me: Oh..air minuman la.

Policewoman: Air minuman apa?

Me: Minuman tradisional *pening already dunno what to answer*

Policewoman: Buat ubat ke?

Me: *Ok, now the best chance to get away* A ah, ye la buat ubat.

Policeman: Ok la, kalau cam tu tak pe la.

Hahahaha..if only they now what Montoku can do to you. *wink*

P/S: First time drinker of Montoku, don't underestimate the strength...ada "kick" tau. Later jadi like my other half...hehe..KO trus!

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pinolobu said...

First comment on your blog. The montoku is for cooking, or for other forms of consumption....?

P.S. I didnt know you're from Tamparuli until I saw that post about carolling and the pics of your dad.