Thursday, December 14, 2006

O come Divine Messiah! of the nicest month of the year. Yes, it is the Yuletide season. It feel so good to be back and meet old friends. (Though this cuti I didn't manage to see my friends except those residing nearby). Yet, it is better than nothing.

Joan & Joan

And one of the nicest and fun thing to do before Christmas is CAROLLING! This year, it had been 8 years that I joined the youth group to sing from house to house for 2 weeks straight - before the Christmas day la dat. and I think the youth group had been handled by several batches of youth whom many of them who joined in the past years have retired and are not Youth (belia) anymore but can be called "Beliau" already...haha

8 years, not that long compared to my other friends but it is long enough to make me feel very old in the group. Average age those who join the carolling group now is 13-17. And need to say. I started my "carolling career" when I was 14. So, you do the maths yourself.

Yet, all the blood and sweat, the tears and joy for the past years can never be traded with anything. At each house, of course the christmas carols is the crucial part- But, the makan time after that, is still the best.Makan until perut full and almost can't walk. The tapau part oso very nice. Then, at the end of the night, we can compare who got the most "pendapatan" or who is the most prosperous one. Carolling group at someone's house with the leader (plus his round stomach -too much eating)

With all the heavy food consumption for 14 consecutive days and makan oso during the night. *though not all house will give food* but one can really gain weight. But, last time when "masa muda-muda", all these was not a problem at all. Metabolism rate still very high, now "tua" a bit already. Aiyo, really naik 2kilo la!

Not too mention the part when we have to go in the jungle to go to the far-far hidden house. walk summore. Rain lagi.December always rain kan..huhhuhuhu. Nothing can be exchanged for that. Then, come the spooky tales. Being followed by spirits or whatever it is. Sightings of black figures. Sounds of footsteps behind or even someone tugging on your shirt where no one actually is at your back. Whistling sounds like calling you from the bushes and trees. It was all there. Stories that can never finished to be told.

But the most amazing part is when the main purpose of the singing of Christmas carols really touch someone on their heart. I have seen some people whom we visited shed some tears because of His presence through the carols. And that is one miracle, one ought to see.

So, maybe for some of the new faces may never understand what is the essence of serving through this way. *as I did last time*. But, if you really know how to utilise God's gift to you, and share it with other people, miracles can happen. Either directly or indirectly to you or other people.

To all out there also, try and make some difference this season. After all, Christmas is the coming of the Savior. This advent, prepare ourselves to welcome Him.

Happy Christmas..

And here are some pictures of my journey with the group this year.
This buyung and kilol... *bah kamu dua bila lagi mo tunang ~ banyak sindrom bertunang ni skarang..hehehe
The rest of the group * see all budak lagi*
That's me there ( Joan. Joan. Qede. Pepeng)
Makan time! Dig in people....
The rest of the group also
Cheers.... *oops, zombie di siring

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