Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas this everyday

I am back at home just for 4 days but it doesn't get in the way to make full use of those very little precious moments. A midnight delayed flight on 22nd from Penang for almost 2 hours. (Huh..all for the sake of a RM1.99 flight- minus tax la, if not I won't be travelling this late!) Having to spend the night in LCCT freaking freezing cold airport. Luckily the 7am flight to KK was a-OK. I spent the 2hour and a half flight sleeping. Though there was some turbulence, I didn't even care d dat time. All I care was to really close my eyes and get some sleep. And being smart this time I travel with just hand luggage, I breezed through the arrival hall and straight to my dad's car...Where the rest of the passengers still waiting for their bags..

*See, suckers! Even though I was among the last to leave the plane, I was among the first to leave the airport...hahaha

So, briefly the christmas celebration at home are as dictated by these few pictures. Yeah, Picture speak louder than words as I am a lousy writer. Family gathering the best of all. And of course not only family la were there, friends as well. Manage to catch up stories with one another after a long-long-long time. It was a blast!
With "useless" bodyguards.
My cuzzies in church
Part of the family who came to the house
More face of my cuzzies
Cuzzie, sisters and frens
But, every good things must come to an end eventually..*sigh!. The day after Christmas I flew back to Penang right away. Having sensing there will be some bad things that will happen on that day. It came true. My 7.25 am flight to KL was retimed to 9.55am.

I was like...*O my..this is not gonna be real*

I arrived at the airport at 6 am and I have to wait another 2 hours or so for my flight. So, 9.55am it is. Just on time to arrive in KL and catch my next flight to Penang at 1340hrs.

But, to my horror, me and Astra (my friend) was still in the plane, on the ground, in KK after almost 2 hours.

We were cursing...%*&(&*())(&(*...toot..) to the cabin crew..Well, not only us la the other passengers as well. Now, for sure the next flight will be missed.

The rest of the story that happen in LCCT, fight with the crew there, running around the airport like Amazing Race Contestants (and now I know why they want to sponsor the show), with my voice like a mouse (because of sore throat), with no credit to call people and just a few hundred bucks in pocket...Huhu. I think it is better left untold for 26 december should be remembered as a date when Disaster Strucks.

p.s: I managed to reach Penang at the end of the day though after all the hassle and trouble. And I think Airasia should change their tagline to Now Everyone Can Get Delayed instead of Now Everyone Can Fly and their site from AirAsia.Com to AirAsia.Comot


bengodomon said...

Last time when the airasia plane slipped at KKIA, I dubbed its catchphrase "now everyone scared to fly."

I suggest you make more noise about this. Write about your day at LCCT in more detail.

My bro is invited to go to Toulouse, France in mid January 2007 with Tony Fernandes and Airbus CEO in attendance, to celebrate Airasia buying the 3,000th Airbus plane ever made. What use is more planes when the delays never get solved.

Joan said...

Oh...Maybe I will write about it. Ur bro will go to Toulouse...Hmm.just wondering who is your bro to be that close with Mr T.

bengodomon said...

Who's my bro? Well, he's the regional coordinator for a well-known TV station. And, Ben Francis' father (one of your bodyguards...) is our 1st cousin.