Monday, January 01, 2007

I say WOW.

Quoting from New Sabah Times 29 Dec about the new Terminal 2 that can take 2.5m passengers a year

"Global Upline Sdn Bhd was awarded the contract to upgrade Terminal in 36 months but they managed to complete work in just seven months."

I say WOW!!

36 - 7 =29 months..

They are 29 months ahead of schedule. Amazing? For me it is kind of crazy. I can't imagine how the people there work.

36 months work can be done in 7 months??

But, I think if you are there to witness the progress of the construction. It is really unbelieveable. Well, maybe I am not an engineer or any professional that can evaluate one workmanship such as this. Somehow, from my point of view - IT IS INCREDIBLE..

On July 06, the construction has just started and the place was a total mess. *Well, not really la. baru wanna start got messed up but I remember there was congestion outside the terminal because there were clearing the area for carpark.

So, when I came back on Nov 06, the changes was tremendous. The main building outside the existing terminal 2 had been built though not complete yet. Several trips to fetch people from and to the airport within the last 2 months of 06 also made my eyes go berserk to the progress of work there.

I wonder how long is the working hours of the people there? Seems like that they never sleep. I also wonder how much profit the company got to build that airport? I heard it is the same company who was awarded the contract to renovate Kuching International Airport.

huhu..Really durian runtuh la!


bengodomon said...

Amazing indeed. We should learn from Global Upline's Tan Sri Ting. This is called "overdelivering." Customers want exactly this.

I dont think he would risk his reputation by cutting corners.

Unknown said...

my dad told me that all the workers working for 24hours. Well, at least the workers are free to balik kampung now.. haha

pinolobu said...

I dont think you mean 24 hours per person per day. If 3 shifts, 8 hours per shift per person, of course that should be the norm.

But still I wonder: why the 30 month gap? Who did the estimate? Tan Sri Ting said "we did it quick because we have the experience"; but why didnt you promise something like 12 months, instead of 3 years.

Joan said...

I think it's for the reputation for the company la..if u can deliver something very fast, people tend to see how fast you complete the job rather than the promised duration of time to get it done. that's human nature i guess..trying not to over-analyze something

bengodomon said...

But to me, that's not the issue. The issue is: observing the scale of the project (admittedly as outsiders), we already know that the 3 year timeframe is logical and would be the expected timeframe for any company undertaking it. But the fact that they did it in half a year could mean that most of the other companies doing other projects are not pushing themselves hard enough.

It goes deeper than that. If this is the general culture of the people of the country, then this confirms the reasons why we are still lagging behind countries like Japan. Japan was totally destroyed in World War 2, but less than 10 years later they are already giving aid to other countries, and less than 20 years later they already hosted the Olympics. They have natural disasters of a higher scale than we will ever get. Example: the great Kanto earthquake and the resulting Tokyo fire of 1927, then the Kobe earthquake of 1995.

We have more than 40 years' independence. Of course we're progressing, but at a much much slower rate than Japan.

Japan has 33 prefectures (states). Okinawa is the least developed state. But when I was there a few yrs ago, I was surprised to discover that by our standards, it's extremely developed. Much more than KL. I am not going to talk about Tokyo...