Monday, January 01, 2007

A quiet moment

Shhhh.......... is indeed a quiet moment for me this year. Ushering new year in a very subtle and not much HoO-HaA atmosphere.

Hello 2007. *whisper*

No yells. No Screams. No voice over the top of my lungs.

Bye 2006 . *whisper also*

For it had been a roller-coaster ride journey for the year it was.

And welcoming the new year, *wether I like it or not- time flies* and I just can't avoid the fact that this new year 2007 is a transition year for me.

Change of locations *be it myself, my other half, my family or my friends*

Change of atmosphere *having not in the studying mode for almost half a year made it hard for me to cope with the new term ~ Damn, I hate Calculus...If anyone can tutor me on this subject, please do so. I am in dire need of Maths Enlightenment for this brain of mine is really slacking in Maths area*

*Not to mention also, being a final year in a campus where most of your friends are gone and graduated because thanx to their course..theirs was only 3 years- You just feel indifferent*

Change of role *If all things goes well, I won't be a student anymore for the 2nd half of 07 for I am finishing my degree this year ~keeping my fingers crossed for that*

Change of physical appearance *Well, some people say I "membesar" already. So, "membesar" it is. No resolutions to lose some weight this year. But, if I suddenly turn skinny-stick-thin...then so be it...haha..I wish*

Well, so much for the anticipation and maybe WORRIES over what it is gonna be like for this year..

I just can whisper a silent prayer to God

"For if it is His plan, so I will abide"

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