Monday, January 15, 2007

spell a.t.h.e.i.s.t

I wonder those days when our ancestors is still practicing animism or paganism, how on earth did they first believe in the existence of a supreme power that control their life and their surroundings.

Is it because when lightning struck a tree and burned it down then it is an omen that “GOD” is pissed off?

Is it because the crop didn’t grow that year then it is an indicator that the people has done something wrong and now should be punished?


How about now? Most people have their religions now. Christians, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam to name a few. All religion believe in the existence of a supreme power that is I think should be called GOD.

But, how if the existence of GOD is merely just an idea? An idea that has been made by man?

Ok, now maybe some of you may want to stress on the miracles that happen by the works of this Supreme Being. Yes, miracles happen. Can’t be explain by science or whatever theory…a miracle.

Belief of the existence of God because of the signs and miracles that happen. But, how if these things stop from happening? No miracles and no signs, should one stop believing?

Some may say God is everywhere and anywhere and may be present in someone. Yet, isn’t this again merely a man made idea or concept on the presence of GOD?

An atheist to be? I am not, not wanting to but scared might be one. Anyone can at least give their view on this?

Existence of God – Is it just an idea?


pinolobu said...

very good, and very heavy topic. yet it's something everybody must ask. there's only one way to be 100% sure: end of the world comes, then everything will be revealed. cannot wait that long? well i used this argument (albeit unsuccessfully) on a hardened atheist once: i just cant believe everything became so by chance. mona lisa (the painting) is so beautiful, i cant believe that nothingness, given several billion years would be able to produce such a masterpiece. someone or something must have created all that i see. the next, and even harder question is: who is that someone? millions, or billions already died due to war over this question.

havuk said...

You should see a youtube video called Vivek -Homeless Prophet.

"I know the most because I know that I don't know anything" --Socrates

"If you realize you don't know anything--then you start to become smart. I don't know anything about anything, I don't know that I don't know--that is where you start--so you don't have any prejudices... I'm just a beginner" --Vivek

unkLe said...

Secondary 1- Teacher asked " What was the main reason ppL created religions?" ... Students answered by referring to their text " For guidance in life!!"

Now.. Its common sense to refer ur religion or ur beliefs as a kind of "guidance through life"... Practically its... plain logic..

aLthough most ppL have religions, they still find it hard to cling on to what their faith teaches them.And most of them succumb to the temptations of what the worldly world has to offer.

Maybe, the onLy way to be invincible to these temptations are to go deep into ascetism and find the answers w in the form of prayers.. but ... for our information... onLy 12percent of the total number of RCs in this world prays...

So why does religious (especially Priests)are wiLLing to go through 7 years or learning and understanding theology? For the sake of the religion ... I`m sure there`s something in there that is what pushes them.. something powerful.. a "caLLing"... becoming the medium between the "source of the POWER" and the "appliances"..well.. nobody want to be learning from a "zero" right? ...

Yes.Its true that religions were created by humans. But, "most" religion were created in direction of goods.. never for bad...I myself do not dare to doubt.I stiLL have much to learn about the Almighty and wiLL NEVER EVER.... jump to concLusion that GOD doesnt exists.Just remember that... to beLieve is to witness..yes.... to beLieve is to witness... Never witness then beLieve.. coz.. it`LL be to Late...

"Do not bring us into Temptations,but deLiver us from eviL because i beLive"