Friday, May 22, 2009

i am beaten

the moment i reached home at 730pm just now, I just lie down flat on the floor.

*pengsan* I am just too tired.

*beaten* My mind is still working but my body just can't respond anymore (correctly)

this is the result of Teacher's Day week of games.

Tuesday: Futsal in the evening ~ okay, wasn't that bad

Wednesday: Badminton + netball in the afternoon ~ my leg muscle was aching already

Thursday: Badminton + volleyball in the afternoon ~ argh! Pay-Nut!!!

Friday: Badminton (Semi Final & Final) in the morning + Volleyball in the afternoon ~ gila!!!

Mind you, throughout this week, classes are as usual. No MCs allowed, No skipping of class to teach.

After volleyball just now, I joined my family at the town hall for 3 sets of badminton some more.

And now, I am hungry, tired and I almost can't finish typing this post. . . Help!

1 comment:

Lindut a.k.a Carmel said...

thank God it's Friday so you don't have to wake up early tomorrow..get enough rest this more week to go to holidays!!yeah!!