Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trading Spaces

Don't you hate it when life's getting to be a routine and it is hard to break the daily life cycle because you are too comfortable with it.

My day always starts like this.

: completely waken up and ready for breakfast *snoozing time is from 7am - 8am. LOL*
: morning tv for a while and then just tune in to
: housechores and just waste time online

1030 am
: MUST make sure housework done and cooking lunch starts

1130 am
: MUST make sure am ready to go to school but somehow I will leave home like 5mins before noon ~la la la la..hehe

: Home again, will workout if rajin but lately I am so de-motivated

Evening is just having dinner, prime time news for a while and then waste time online again until I feel sleepy.

And the same thing happen tomorrow. Monday to Friday almost the same, weekends nothing much happening either.

Where is the excitement to live life everyday? It seems everything is so redundant now. Stagnant.

I started to play guitar again just to do something than the usuals of wasting my time online. This past few days, I have been pondering a lot about what are the things that I can do to make my life more exciting and there's something to look forward to.

Hmmmmm....anyone wanting a routine lifestyle? Care to trade place with me?


Anyway, here's a video that certainly brighten up my dull my moments. Watch until the end, you will surely find yourself smiling alone ;p


Claire said...

i know how that feel. same routine life one day, i sit down & started to list down what else do i want in life & it feels pretty good actually. :)

What do you want Joan? :)

Joan said...

ooh thats a good suggestion la clarice. i should try, somehow later the executing part is the hardest because i am in my comfort zone now.