Monday, July 20, 2009

saya batuk lagi

Yesterday ( Sunday ), I thought was a working day. Why? Because I have to accompany students for a dance show somewhere in Gayang, Tuaran. It was a long torturing event of waiting for the VIP. Since the school dance team is doing a sambut tamu dance, so we gotta wait...and wait...and wait...until the VIP sampai. Oh, siapalah kami ini kan?

Look what one of my students did to do wall because she got so bored waiting.

"Thank you for the time VIP", maybe someone needs to get him a very big watch to remind him of the time.

Anyway... today ( Monday ), I thought is a Sunday pula. Haish. Why? I didn't go to school but I went to play netball somewhere in Putatan today.

Disasterous game it was. Nothing much can be told. We got fourth place. Yay!

4th out of four teams..ahahaha.


On another note, I am coughing again. This warm night is not helping much either. Uncomfortable is just the word of the evening.

Taking my break from editing pictures now.

Editing pictures is exhausting also la...because ~I don't really know how to do it. Susahnya kehidupan.


Mas Light said...

Wastaga, I seriously hate the waiting phase. Just becoz they're big people, they tend to make ppl wait like it's not their business. Grand entrance la kunun tu.

armouris said...

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