Monday, July 27, 2009

memburu ikan dan kentang

Remember my cravings on fish and chips?

I was not satisfied until I get to sink my teeth on one of those tasty dory fish..adui.

So, on saturday, during my outing with my colleagues. I ordered fish and chips for supper.

Okay la, it looked like fish and chips.
But the taste is way off..

Tidak puas hati then the hunt continues on Sunday. Miahahaha.

Manhattan Fish Market at 1Borneo.

Manhattan Fish and Chips. Spicy Version. New Recipe.

The verdict: That dory fish taste is a yay! But much to my dissapointment the spicy version doesn't match up to my tastebuds expectation.

Oooh..and they don't have tartar sauce there. :(
Nonetheless, the hunt ends today. LOL! I am not gonna eat fish and chips for quite some time now I guess.



Amanda Christine Wong said...

hey, you can actually buy the dory fillet in's EXACTLY what Manhattan Fish Market uses...and other expensive restaurants use. and it's darn cheap too.

Joan said...

If I buy also I dunno how to cook..ahhahaha..

Annie said...

have u try d fish & chips at upperstar? sa okey sama rasa dia but sa indatau ur taste la.. ;)