Sunday, July 05, 2009

disco heaven

another week to unfold coming. Looking forward to it? Hmm. not really.

But the SIFF finale is one of the things that I really anticipate. And it is this coming Tuesday. Ooh..siok tu! The last event held two years ago was a blast and I expect this year it could be better.

Anyway talking about fest and cultural extravaganza, the much anticipated RWMF will gonna be on the next weekend. Me? Not goin. :( Initially I wanted to but I decided otherwise. Nevermind la, the next one I am so goin.

So, to emily and chegu and other people who are goin. Don't forget to blog about it yea. Pictures is a must too! Jangan lupa tu.


Feeling so bloated now, masuk angin, terlampau kenyang and everything. Hohoho. Don't feel like doing anything but I can't sleep either because I took my power nap this afternoon a "little" too long. 3 hours actually. Haha

Maybe I will just lie down on my bed and look at the spinning fan la.

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chegu carol said...

oh yes, pictures. must!

u too, pictures frm the SIFF also.
Saw in DE, mcm siok pula tingu dancers from all over the world with their colorful costumes on.