Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Expecto Patronum

It was an emotionally draining day today. At work especially.

The chapter that I am teaching now for the students is also not my forte as well. I rather be explaining about some leaf structure than telling how a locus can be formed from a fixed point. Oh, when can I have the chance to teach my own subject? And this locus stuff needs a lot of explanation and the students just yawn in front of me because it is so boring.. ~sigh!

While I was teaching that chapter also, memories suddenly flashed back. Just in an instant. That was the among the last conversation that I had with the late friend of mine who died last year. We were talking about that particular chapter in the form two text book.

Not to mention that today I had to confront a student about his attitude of not wanting to study and just sleep in the class. A motivator again. Also, I get to know that two of the girls in the class that I taught had a fight and one of the girls tried to stab the other girl's eye with a lollipop stick. Lucky she didn't go blind and according to witnesses, the girl (victim) eye bled a bit. Must get to know the real story tomorrow. That was bad enough. Troubled kids.


These are among the other things that happen today.

I just need someone to talk to or just a listener.

No one is online for chats now and texts and calls are so unappropriate when it is 40 mins past midnight.

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