Friday, July 10, 2009

friday to do list

1) wake up early ~ fail

2) jog in the morning ~ i my dreams..LOL

3) have proper breakfast ~ maggi mee, proper enough? hehe

4) cuci pinggan mangkuk gelas periuk sudu garpu ~ not done because I am blogging this now

5) clean my room also the house ~ yawn**

6) wash and vacuum the car ~ ooh, dang I have to do this today?

7) mark ALL test papers by the end of the day ~ haven't start one class pun. aiya, malas

8) badminton session after school ~ finally get to burn some kcal..

9) plan the coming saturday and sunday ~ i like this part

10) plan my next weekend, which is the neeeexxtt saturday and sunday ~ miahahahaha...

Anyway, TGIF!!


TaQuiLa said...

u know wut..i hate my day which is today..

was been appointed as a secretary and need to come for a meeting at another school at 10.00 am. I reached and there was nobody, called the PK..and he said 10.30! terang-terang dalam surat 10.00 am..ok..nevermind, i straight went home, and here i am..blogging..hahaha

Claire said...

iya pun byk yg fail ni harini...bgn lambat, mcm mau makan maggie juga ni utk brunch...then malas mo kemas bilik juga....same old shit every leave day la betul2....sigh~