Saturday, July 04, 2009

sandy saturday

When was the last time you sat on a swing and just enjoy every moment of it?

Wind through your hair...

and the momentum of every swing is just gratifying. Up, up and away.

Yes, I guess it's everyone fave childhood moment. Reality check, things were not like last time huh.

*Credit card bills, loans and mortgage, career building and so on. ~ blergh!

One thing that I realize is.. the more mail and envelopes that come to you each month shows how much has you age. hehe.

Because when I was in primary school, the only mails that I received is from my penpals and best friend far away studying.

Now, I have mails that I don't wanna open especially at the end of the month. sigh!

I wanna be on the swing forever...


Gallivanter said...

Certainly brings back old memories looking at the photo. These days, my ass is just to fat that I might end up destroying public property.


TaQuiLa said...

yalor..agree with u..everytime pay day, i am happy, but at the same time i am sad coz need to put aside some money to pay this and that..
and i hardly to cut cost of my CC..aih, btul2 ada setan tu CC..hehe