Wednesday, July 08, 2009

the tuesday and wednesday too

...3 things to blog about today...


Went to SIFF finale night last night. It was entertaining but nothing spectacular. I guess first timers to this event won't be so bored but if you had watched the event two years ago, last night was a bit dissapointing then.

Nonetheless, the unique cultural dances was there to be seen. Each is different. I especially love the dances from Indonesia (Jakarta and Kalimantan to be exact). One is very precise and full of character the latter is simply haunting. Not much pics taken. Not really in the mood to take lotsa pictures. Some will be uploaded on my fb though.

And the winner of SIFF 4th edition is from the Phillipines. First timer for this event and they won. Congratulations.

2) In memory of Michael Jackson

I have not blog anything about him yet. Nothing moved me so much to blog about his death until I saw the family eulogy on the net and on tv today. Especially the moment the daughter spoke about him. My prayers will be with the soul and also the family.

Michael was such a talented and brave man. He beat the odds with his originality and his image and music lives on forever. He really touched lives through his music. God bless you MJ, now you really can live in peace.

On another note, people are talking about how the different the kids of MJ looked like. Screw the genetic or facial resemblance, the love that the children felt from the day that they were born made all the difference. Even if they are adopted or not, MJ played his role as a father and he will be remembered for that.

3) 14 year olds again

Yeah, I caught two students outside the school today going home before the school end. With fake MC they lied to my face that the PK allowed them to go home. Hmmm, I should have brought them back to school that instant but I was not bothered to call my PK for confirmation. because that time I was at the side of the road in my car and I got things to settle.

And I had a long day today. Screaming at the top of my lungs to talk with one of the class I taught today. Gosh! When will I stop this. Each day I promise to be nicer and choose better words to communicate with the kids. But I just can't. Help me ! I don't want my students to learn the bad manners that I am showing to them.

Btw, that PPSMI thingy I am reserving that topic for another post. Berapi-api ni my thoughts. Hehe..

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