Thursday, July 23, 2009

inter-religion relations

After breakfast, I turned on the tv and pressed TV3 on the remote control. As usual, that Ally Iskandar fella's face is on TV again. Hmmm..

Anyway, what caught my attention was the guest that they were having on air. The background of the guest is very interesting. He was a former catholic, a catholic priest to be exact and now he is a preacher for Islam. His name is Idris Tawfiq, British by nationality and he is in Malaysia to launch his new book. Google up his name to find out more.

Usually, I won't pay so much attention to this kind of people on TV especially in Malaysia because I know the views and discussions will definitely be biased. Somehow, to my surprise this was something different. I really respected his views on inter-religious relations. A man with a lot of wisdom on different religions.

Two things that really stuck in my head throughout the whole interview were:

1) He stated that he give talks around the world usually about his journey in Islam, he made a point to say that if there is anyone who came to his talk hoping to listen he saying bad things about his former religion, then his talk is not the place to be

2) Islam is a gentle and sweet religion yet it is a strong one. Every Muslim should live to be a Muslim then only they will be respected and diplomacy as well as respect to others is important.

I strongly agree on both. Not only for Islam, other religions in the world should be practiced according the their own teachings and the people should not let greed, jealousy or other worldly feelings to overcome their judgement in practicing their religion.

Respect and diplomacy are the words.

But human being human, we are always here to err. ~Sigh


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