Friday, July 03, 2009

more pink stuff

Ooh. This shall be a short post.


I changed my blog layout. It is a lot of pink. I know!

Sorry if you don't like it. Too girly. Yeah, maybe but looks can be deceiving. Haha.

Sweetness in disguise~ perhaps.

Anyway, I wanna sleep now. Nothing nice to blog about these days. Hmmm.


chegu carol said...

I was at a bookstore yesterday and saw this book by the title 'All About Pink'. The moment I saw it, trus sa ingat ko bcos u're such into pink lately.

A lil' bit of pink certainly can light up the world. :D

Joan said...

wah..mana itu bookstore. maybe i should go and tinguk2 de buku.

yes, a little bit of pink can brighten up the day :>

chegu carol said...

sana Harris 1B...but it's more in decor2 bah how to arrange flowers with a dash of pink hue in it. anyways, cari sana art and craft section.