Monday, November 17, 2008

can you here the echo...oh oh oh

i have not been posting stuff that is truly worth reading for quite some time. *as if I ever did, haha*. Anyway, mostly were random musings of my everyday life which people often found it to be quite redundant. Blergh!


shitty friendster *in a very sympathetical manner la*, I think ~think only la~ their rivals *you know what I mean* has attacked their system. Around the globe, people are losing friends. This is major! ahahaha, I mean losing friends on friendster not in real life la.

My friends list has gone from 600+ to 95 people only. Well, it seems that it is so weird that you do have friends that ramai. But others have till 1000, so I am normal. *giggles*. My sister's friends list has gone completely, I guess that'e even worse.

Friendster had their 'scheduled maintenance' a few days back and after that this happen.

Hmmm.. I guess I just have to utilise facebook for the time being. Though, friendster is kinda old skool now, but some people are only reach-able through that old skool medium.

So, friendster don't die on me.


sHeiLa said...

aiseh..choosing FB la now ar..last time FS owh so damn popular..but yala, it's only a temporary,i do have ermmm 5++ friends..yeah rite, as if in real life i met all of 'em ba..haha,ba we just updating our FB jak la./..better than nothing :P

FredDass said...

Owhh.. Serious ka.. Sa belum check lg owh.. Last few days sa check under maintenance.. Pastu ada jg sa baca blog lain ckp jadi mcm tu jg.. So betul la ni kan.. Will check it later la..