Saturday, November 01, 2008

lonely saturday

It is the end of a stressful week. no need to elaborate on that matter. my brain is somehow damaged by the excessive crap given by my students on their exam locus definition . They are supposed to draw the line that shows the movement of the swing. An arc. Very simple...and they give me this?

Argh..never mind about that. I have done marking the papers. Enough said.

Anyway, today is a Saturday. I started my day by doing housework, drove to the city, caught in a jam in lintas area. *Sempit place, limited parking, lotsa human~damn*. went to likas sports complex for PC fair but didn't even make it to the parking place *lotsa human~again*. So went 1borneo instead and had these for lunch.

I used to hate miso sup and cringe at the sight of it but I guess I was too hungry that it tasted nice today. Or maybe this time the sushi king's miso soup has gotten better. Salmon fair now. but am not a salmon lover like my other half. So just one plate if salmon sushi.

Bridal fair at the centre atrium but it's not that cheerful but am loving the deco though. And to complete the visit to 1borneo; Daiso is a must.

And there's the driving back home trip. Enjoying the sunny day on Saturday.

No one at home since morning so I did all this just by my own.

A little alone time could also be good sometime *reminds me a lot of my uni days but that time the alone moments was a bit too much that I got bored most of the time*

Okay. Nap time now..



Anonymous said...

I find it embarrassing that I don't know what a Locus is after reading this post. But I praise your students' drawing ability nonetheless.

chegu carol said...

omg! those were real?? i mean the students' pnya answers??...ROFL!

Joan said...

chegu..hehe..ya that's my students answers.btw, i think i saw u at PC fair la today(sunday),if saya tidak salah orang la tu.u were wearing glasses ka i think dat time

daniel, don't worry you r not the only one who doesnt know what a locus means. :)

maslight said...

*giggles. XD the drawing are so cute

Dee MeLody said...

Astaga! I laugh for two things:
1. I didn't know the answer to the question, sia kerah otak lagi trying to re-call what is LOCUS
2. Your students' answer is just so FUUHHHNNNNNiiEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Gallivanter said...

Goodness! The students are taking the piss!


Xander Qruze said...

err...some nice drawings, think of it as 'aspiring Rembrandts and Leonardos'..maybe they been watching too many movies? who knows..hehe

chegu carol said...

oh yeah...i was there alright. i was supposed to stay in keningau for the weekend tapi hubby sia 'seduced' sia balik...just to go to the PC fair. Anyways, since he's driving...ok lah. I need to re-stock my cotton shop underwear juga...ada saja bah excuse mo pi shopping kan.

resyscaz said...

wahaha...evening exercise for me...
form berapa u teach math?? aduduh..
damn funny.haha

cLaiRe Bennet said...

hahahha...funny jg tu joan..haha terhibur sy

DAI said...


adui.. x apa la. budak lg dorang tu. tp... purrrppp!! susahla sa mo ckp. kalo sa jd cgu, stress sdh sa barangkali.