Saturday, November 29, 2008

phew! at last

I have been quite busy, this couple of days back *or rather week*. Been giving practice and training for the church caroling group. It was certainly not easy given some of the new faces just having problems with their tempo while singing and producing the right sound for the newly-learned songs. Patience tested, voice had been raised and what not. Luckily the 3 weeks long practice has come to an end and we will start the caroling on 1st of dec till err.. the 19. Quite long eh? Tell me about it. Last year we covered like 200-300 houses. This year is most likely to be the same.

and I finally manage to change my layout to have more christmas spirit. I don't really like the outcome. But can do la. Not inspired enough maybe. Too many things in my head. Lucky it is the school holiday anyway, then I have more time to do other 'projects' aka baking, knitting and what not. At the same time, I am also busy with my online store. Quite happy that our limited edition range got a good response from people. Yes, limited edition as in one of a kind. One piece made exclusively without having a duplicate in the whole wide world. :)

On another note, talking about christmas and clothing. I remember the times *dulu-dulu la*, when december comes, I have to think *like really think* what to wear during christmas. And have to really hunt for the clothes that I want. MUST be new, CANNOT recycle style, MUST make sure people won't wear the same style like me. So that can stand out among the crowd. Peh! SO childish...haha. MUST drag my parents to shop cos they are the bank. Haha!

That time I often wonder why do my parents especially my dad doesn't want to have something necessarily new during christmas.
Why don't want new baju, christmas what?? Same ol baju wear again, boring la. why don't want baju baru like us??
Those were the thoughts that were playing inside my head

Last year, I didn't really shop anymore. This year, I don't feel like shopping for christmas at all. I guess I have grown up la...


chegu carol said...

Merry Christmas! Hehehe... not wanting things during Christmas equals growing up? Cos if that's the case, I havent't grow up cos I always wants something new when Christmas comes :P

Bah, dun forget...SMS me for the COD.
Cant wait for the baju.

Joan said...

no la. the wanting things part doesn't equal growing up la. everyone is different.

as for me, buying things is all year round, so come christmas, buying things is not as exclusive as before anymore.

and i think that explains why i don't feel like shopping..hehe *i hope la, hopefully the temptations of the megasale don't seduce me*