Sunday, November 23, 2008

of weddings and knitting

attended two weddings at the same place today. heh. attended the mass actually, two couples getting married, and both couples are my friends.

it has been a long day, but I still can't sleep.

and now I am knitting.

Yes, you got me right!

I am knitting, a new found hobby cum school holidays project,

yeah, I am so like a granny.


chegu carol said...

no lah joan...thats not a granny thing (only) bah. i would love to learn it too tapi for now, let me do my beadwork first.

sHeiLa said...

punya siok ko senang p attend 2 weddings in one time, the same time, the same place..haha,nda payah pening2 kasi bagi2 masa :P neway, show la ur knitting later ar.