Thursday, November 20, 2008

TARA ended!


sigh! The Malaysian team didn't win ... But it was a light moment to watch them just having fun compared to the other two teams.

But, I am happy also because that Geoff and Tish didn't win first place.. hahahaha.. Karma happens.

Congrats to the HK boys anyway


FredDass said...

Yup.. Karma happened..

Kotoh tu team philippines...


Tapi sedih juga la tinguk malaysian team kalah..

Tapi ok apa no 3 kan.. Hehehe...

Mrs. Ezman said...

ya sedih dorang si Ida n Tania x menang.tapi happy jg la si Geoff n Tish x menang (i was laughing very hard they did not win) hehe...and congrats to HK team :)

Ethel said...

Yeah... am heartbroken the Malaysian team didn't win. But am VERY glad Geoff's team didn't win too! :D

PS: I see lots of the Philippine team haters around the blog. LOL!!

Elvie DeChantal said...

honestly, it's my 1st time watching the TARA 3. nasib i made it to watch the finale.

hehe, nasib tu arrogant team from philippines didn't make it to the 1st place bah. tgok 1 kali jak tau jg dorg 2 minta puji. hehe!