Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sun. Stadium. Sot

MSSG Barat. Hmmm. Another day not in paradise. Two days to be exact. The same post again; the-not-qualified-physiotherapist.

But most of the time, I will be sitting at the grandstand and watch the day pass by because the job wasn't as hectic during the first athletic meet where there were more students with multiple events. Multiple events always equals to injuries.

Anyway. Check out my SPF ( Sun Protection Factor ). Smart kan?

Jadi hantu bungkus bah. Haha. Long sleeve lagi baju tu. Nasib angin kuat juga kalau nda. Sauna habis.


AngeL BeaR said...

waaaa....kalah2 yg di saudi arabia suda ni...hahahahaha

Mas Light said...

LOL panas pagi jak tu, petang sudah ujan.