Tuesday, April 26, 2011

almost end of april

and I am super duper busy.
one of the many things that I need to do. the last week's thursday to sunday was agonizing. Come Monday and its a working day. I was totally defeated. Patah!

Anyway along the way, new experience gained.

The event that I co-emcee-ed on Sunday evening went well. The best part of the evening, I think was the voting of Miss Popular.

Some aunties were really running up to the stage to give the flowers.
But at the end of the evening, only 16 lovely ladies were selected to be on the stage on 1st May. It is in conjunction of the opening of state level Kaamatan celebration. Tuaran is the host this year.

Those who want to know who will be crowned Unduk Ngadau Tuaran this year do come to the Dewan Tun Hamdan in Tamparuli on the 1st. Various activities will be held in conjunction of the Kaamatan celebration as well.

On another note, mau patah my kaki cos I was standing almost the whole event. Kasut tinggi mau mampus cos tidak mau kalah with the contestants ( talk about being kiasu )

Also, really kecewa that memang tidak kena my ticket for the lucky draws. There were 6 plasma TV given away that night. But I think I am destined not to have luck for lucky draws lah.

p.s: Many were asking where did I get those big-spade-like earrings. Its courtesy of Style Bites Fashion House and the makeup, hair and dress are courtesy of the Unduk Ngadau Organizing Committee.

Photos courtesy of Lolee Lim and David Chg also Tuaran Kaamatan page.


Unknown said...

Unduk Ngadau is always the highlight during Kaamatan Festival. I guessed I'm gonna missed that this year :(

TaQuiLa said...

sa suka ur look! the hair-do and make up as well, sama itu earing sangat gorgeous!

ba, see u on saturday!

chegu carol said...

Fewwwitttttttt! Gojes!

Annie said...

Hey you looked gorgeous, moi!