Monday, April 18, 2011

The fever is on!

Unduk Ngadau it is. Kaamatan is next month and Tuaran is the place for the pelancaran of Kaamatan for the state level this year.

Also, everything also must be grand lah kan.

The selection for the top 26 this year was held at Dewan Tun Hamdan Tamparuli on 17th of April. Good turnout it was. ( Yeah, usually only 16 are selected, this time more contestants are being selected ) . The pictures of the top 26 you can check out at the official page of Kaamatan Tuaran 2011 on facebook.

Then the final 16 will be selected on the Sodop Unduk Ngadau on this coming 24th April. Can't wait to see everyone got dolled up during that time. Make up FTW!!! hehe.

Some people are really waiting to check up on my wall on my facebook page for the pictures. Sorry this year I wont be taking anymore pictures. I have been doing it like almost every year since 2008 kan, retired sudah tu profession. Saya ada career baru sudah. Hehehe. ( Besides tidak tahan ni ramai mo add jadi friend semata-mata mau view pics, belum lagi yang suka hati pigi remove watermark and curi the gambar and claim its theirs; intellectual property tu tau )

So I will be the emcee for both the Sodop Unduk Ngadau and the real Kaamatan event on the 1st of May. ( Begini la bah kalau pindik kan, jadi emcee saja lah. hahaha )

For those who are fans of Unduk Ngadau or just anyone who had caught the fever, do check out the official Kaamatan Tuaran 2011 page okay. I am sure the page for other district's Kaamatan will be popping out everywhere anytime soon.

Some of the faces from the TOP 26... kalau mo tinguk banyak lagi pigi sana lah page dia. ^_^


Georgie J said...

aduyaiii.santekk itu baju kuning.kimslm!fav saaa laitu.

Okayarms said...

Baju hitam... well, heeeeellllo there.