Monday, April 04, 2011

That coverall!

I seriously do not know what's wrong back then.

When did coverall had been the "in" fashion ah? 1998.
I can only say OMAIGAD when I saw this photo. This was taken during one of the competition held at school.

I thought those Spice Girls years langsung teda gambar. Ada rupanya. Ahhhh, now you all may have the pictorial history.


Photo courtesy of Flora ( my other bandmates..akakaka )

p.s: and funny enough, the row of classes behind us in the photo is where I teach now. Adui, kalau ada student sa nampak ni, confirm kana blackmail.


JerryInc said...

duii gia, tua suda ko hahaha

chegu carol said...

Wow! Time ni masi ada influence tu feminin, m'steen etc kah ni? hehe...ok bah overall, i think now kalau ngam juga nampak pakai tu with just white camisole hehhe

Dev Clarehova said...

LOL! sa ingat ni time ni ;) Bukan yg time English Week ka tu? semart bah!

Anne B. said...

hi joan...

first time visiting ur blog :) followed u too... lucu betul oh kn tngk old picture -_-'

Joan said...

jer...errrr..jahat oh kau..haha

chegu..yeah bah tu feminin era..tapi yang ni spice girls punya jaman sudah kunun ni..

dev..ya the English week. saya lagi yang ingat2 lupa sudah.

anne...hello! thanks for the follow.