Wednesday, April 20, 2011

whoa whoa slow down!

Things are taking off in a pace that it travels so fast, my brain just can't catch up.

Just when things are getting hot with the Unduk Ngadau stuff, then came the complaints and saya-tidak-puas-hati remarks/comments/luahan hati. Some even contacted me because I am part of the ajk. I am just the emcee, spare me from all the hatred. Please.

Suck it up people, Unduk Ngadau is fast becoming "another" beauty pageant contest. And just face the fact that beauty pageant contest are based on subjective evaluation.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder remember.

Face the music, or just don't bother to be part of the "crazy" world. I have tasted the bitter part of everything, I survived.

So, bottom line is suck it up!

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Mas Light said...

Bz week for you ;D