Monday, July 09, 2007

Mak Make Make-U Make Up!

Make up make up...u just dunno how these little wonders can do to you. Yeah, I mean it..just take a look at these pictures. Even if you are naked make up can dress you up (and down) hehe. Fyi, the make up used for these is MAC cosmetics.. MAC rules!
this is hot~ check out the smoldering eyes created! love the hair also
oooh..ooh..barbie barbie..I wanna be one..(yikes speaking like a b***h here)
and oh.. I dunno how many people are educated about the fact that TESTERS on make up counters...yes TESTERS. should not be tested on ur face.cos they are many ways to test make up by not putting on the face...because..of hygienic purposes.I mean imagine this, those testers or samples that were put on your precious skin especially on the face had been tested by not one but by many2 hands~and God only knows what those hand had been touching before...EWWWWWWW!

NOt onli dat, the other day I went Watson at CP, there is a bunch of girls putting on make up...well not using THEIR make up but using the tester in WAtSOn...dolling themselves up inside the shop WITH the testers...ewwwwww..and walk out with face full of contaminated make up...hahaha much of wanting to be BEAUTIFUL...they are also BACTERIA-full! hehehe

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