Friday, July 13, 2007

so not used to this...

What a hectic long day. Interview..meeting prospects..a workout session..I like it when I am busy..Also, to start my day...Went to have a hair cut *again* for the 3rd time in this few weeks. (I seem can't be satisfies with my hair now its REALLY short); I dunno how will i look like with the mortar board on my head in my graduation photo with super short hair...eeee. I'll look like a boy..dun wan dun wan! SO much for trying to achieve ala Rihanna-and-Victoria-Beckham bob...the inverted called "IN" hair style for summer according to mags...I ended up being halfway there...adui..conclusion..not so inverted bob i have, look more like a mushroom head...*sigh*/ Now just gotta wait to grow long la.

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