Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Mood: Blank..totally empty as a vessel
State: Listening to El Impacto *torturing my eardrums with the heavy bass of latin inspired hip hop music*
What's in my head: Dilemma..dilemma ...dilemma..dilemma..
I dunno since when I can be like this. Just can't make up my mind over things.

Should I change my tics goin back to Penang from Sunday to next Friday?
Should I go and work here in Sabah or in KL?
Should I get a tattoo or not?
Should I this/ should I that....Blah!...So INdEcisIve..

This is totally a crossroad that is so easy to be faced on ..that is just make the damn decision. But I just can't stick to ONE. Will forever be changing it... ARGH!

GOD, Help me..or at least send someone to help me..

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