Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Yellow Cat is gone

I guess the regular reader of this blog could remember who is Yellow Cat.

The only family cat after Miawtut's death.

My fave subject for my photography practice.

Lover of durian and papaya.

So bossy when he is hungry or thirsty.

Super playful when he was young. He practically never leave the house until lately.

Mechanic we call him because he adores cars so much. He love to brush his body against parked cars at the garage. Sleep on them as well
It was just the other day that we started to bathe him because he always come home dirty.

It was just the other day that me and my sis was talking about when was his birthday. So we decided to give him his birthday the same day as my youngest sis since she is the "mother" of the cat.

It was on my sister's birthday that he spent his last moment with us.

And the day after that, he went missing.

He never leave home more than 24hours. 

He always come back. No matter what. I know the 12-1am call at the door each night, he meow outside knowingly that I am still up in my room. Asking me to open the door for him.

He didn't come back. My cousin said he saw a yellow cat dead on the divider of the highway near my house.

My head says its him but trying my best to deny it until I saw it myself. My sisters went to see with my dad.

When my sisters came back. 
Crying especially my youngest sis. 

I knew it was him. I just felt numb.

My dad brought back his remains. At the sight of it, tears rolled down my cheeks and so now while typing this.

One thing so clear that I can remember about this cat is that he sleeps a lot and he love the store room so much.

We will miss you Yellow Cat. (2005-2009)
May you rest in peace. 

We buried you near the store room that you love so much. (pic showing him at the stairs of the store room)


King Guzzy said...

its a lovely cat,may Yellow Cat rest in peace ..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

im sorry u lost ur beloved cat..

Dazeree Joan said...

adui bah.. kesian...

Lett said...

I dont know u loves that cat very much... sorry for laughing.... i am feeling guilty now....

It happened to our cat before... His name was Bu Jing Yun..... it was my sister's cat.... we tried hard to save him.... by sending him to the clinic...

I am the main person to drive him alive to clinic... and the one who drove his remain back home.

We buried him at the back of our old house..... It was really a sad memory... i understand ur feeling.....sorry for that .....

sHeiLa said...

sorry to know about ur lovely cat..

i know the feeling..


Vienne said...

uuuuuuuhhhuuu...i cried to hear ur lost..i know how it feel.....because i ever experienced the same..kes langgar lari...sakit..if sakit x juga pedih, tp ni kena langgar oleh org x bertanggungjawab...

chegu carol said...

i may not like cats but i do feel your loss. the same way i feel for my dogs.

izanazuani said...

Hisk hisk hisk... I know how ur sister feel that time.

Debbie Annabell said...

sian o ko.. condolence from me. im not a cat lover myself but i know how sad it is when ur pet die..